Ryan Starts 10 Days of Woah

[6:15pm Edit: Now with photos, continued below the jump]

It’s 5am in Sacramento, and I’m about to drive Ryan down to North Fork, California (about a 3 hour trip) to begin his first formal meditation instruction: a 10-day Goenkaji Vipassana course. Yup, that’s the same one I dove headlong into, totally unprepared, a year and a half ago in Barcelona. The wake-up-at-4-am, sit-10-hours-a-day, work-through-some-of-the-toughest-physical-and-psychological-pain-of-my-life-and-come-out-smiling retreat.

Shortly after that first course of mine, I got some sobering love-life advice from a wise (okay—somewhat creepy, and definitely trying to get in my pants, but nevertheless wise) 40something German meditator dude. Dude said: In a two-person relationship, if one person is progressing spiritually and the other is not, it will cause a painful imbalance that is exceptionally difficult to handle. Naturally, individuals have different strengths and interests in life, but when it comes down to it, a big gap in insight progression will probably spell incompatibility.

This makes sense to me. And also scares me. (And not because I presume that I’d be the one advancing.)

Fortunately, though, in the first partnership I enter after this combination-come-on-and-counsel, the partner not only has an intuitive grasp of a lot of dhammic principles (as I see it), but more importantly has a strong and genuine interest in deeply exploring reality, reducing needless suffering, and being guided by compassion.

I know. Super hot, right?

Wish him luck!

2 thoughts on “Ryan Starts 10 Days of Woah

  1. jeffliveshere September 22, 2010 / 8:38 am

    Luck and metta, Ryan!

    This sort of story brings me lots of joy.

  2. kloncke September 22, 2010 / 6:30 pm

    Thank you, jeffliveshere! Much appreciated.

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