Disorganized Attachment with Domesticity

A photo of Katie's living room: soft yellow walls, lots of built-in wood, bamboo floors, a couch with many colorful blankets and throw pillows, a yellow patterned armchairs, some houseplants, a central big-screen tv, and stacks of books.

Sometimes, a frantic feeling.

Gutters need cleaning; I have no ladder. Is the Monterey Pine dying from a moth infestation? (Plus the ongoing effects of drought?) Does the kitchen need mopping? Does the Monstera need to be staked and tied? How can I keep things clean, orderly and beautiful?

And for whose sake?

Sometimes, a desire to flee.

Maybe I should sell in a year. Individual homeownership in the U.S. is a trap, right? Built on myths of heroic individualism. With actual housekeeping and landscaping labor often outsourced to working-class brown people.

We are not meant to do this alone.

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