Unpacking The Visible Backpack. The Very Visible Backpack.


Typically when I come back from a trip, my bag and its contents litter the floor for at least a few days, “disemboweled” (in the words of my friend Salima). This time started out no different, especially since I was semi-frantically rooting through the bags trying to find my disappeared wallet, which turned out to be left at home in the pocket of a dress the whole weekend. (Phew.)

Wallet retrieved, it seemed the luggage carcass would be left to rot for its usual 3 to 7 business days. But then I discovered how to trick myself into tackling the clothes explosion sooner. Let’s call it “pseudo-multitasking.”

Start brushing teeth; realize, Now would be a great time to unpack and put things away. Go to the bedroom, start putting things away using both hands, leaving toothbrush in mouth, inert. Actual multitasking is not occurring, since the brushing of teeth has stopped, but the simulation of multitasking is enough to pickpocket one precious tidiness-minute from the messy, smug morning.