Good Conversation

feministe screen grab

Phew — things have been busy over at Feministe!  In a good way.  A really good way.  Folks are asking really great questions and giving awesome insights.  If you head over to read my first 2 posts (here and here), definitely don’t miss the comment sections.

I did manage to take some time out this morning for a gorgeous hike with Ryan along a reservoir waterfall in Marin.  Didn’t take many photos (Too busy climbing endlessly!  Waterfalls are so tall!  Every few seconds we were both like, Uh, how much longer?), but if any of them turned out well, I’ll share them Friday.

Again, I’ll be pretty much wrapped up with the Feministe guest blogging for the next two weeks, so material here will be short and sweet.  But there’s always the archives, if you’re feeling curious!  ;)




ps: Thanks again to the regulars here who’ve come over and commented at Feministe!  Very kind of you.

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