Period of Trust, Period of Openness


I used to think there was one way to be a Militant.

A militant must study and analyze revolutionary history.

A militant must develop a command of the theory of scientific socialism.

A militant must know how to relate revolutionary theory to the real day-to-day life of the “proletariat.”

A militant must be able to hand out flyers and start casual yet political conversations with strangers.

A militant must thrill and captivate crowds with their public speaking.

A militant should attend an average of 3.5 political meetings and/or study groups per week.

A militant should be able to conduct one-on-one political development meet-ups with a partner.

A militant should be able to initiate and sustain local campaigns to build class power and consciousness.

A militant should promote harmony and emotional wellness among comrades and within organizations.

A militant should criticize comrades and accept criticism with humility.

*    *    *


Something strange and quiet is happening to me lately, gradual but massive like the movement of a tide.

It’s not that I no longer find these skills important.

It’s more like I’m interested in developing more roles, more archetypes, more specificity and multiplicity within a core range of militant activity. So that people (myself included) can find a Suitable Contribution, the long-term offering that we want to make.

Might need to sketch this out rather than writing it.

More soon.



2 thoughts on “Period of Trust, Period of Openness

  1. richard October 26, 2014 / 6:52 am

    i may also need to sketch out a response to the exciting and profound shifts that are unfurling within you, but for now, i will just write OOOOOOOOOOOH!!!!!! :D

  2. kloncke October 26, 2014 / 9:55 am

    and i will reply, YAAAAAAAYYYYY!!!!!

    can’t wait to hear your reflections, friend. <3

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