Talking Solidarity and Interdependence On One Of My Favorite Buddhist Blogs


Today I’m honored and delighted to be featured on The Jizo Chronicles: award-winning Buddhist blog and home of the hella inspiring Maia Duerr. Maia is a wonderful writer and creator who knows how to craft big questions out of few words. After she e-mailed me the interview prompts, it took me weeks to reflect on them — finally prompting a sweet and gentle check-in from her, like, uh, you okay over there? :)

Anyway, I am enormously grateful to be walking the path with her, and to be included in this interview series with the likes of Arun from Angry Asian Buddhist, Ven. Bhikkhu Bodhi, and Roshi Joan Halifax. Check out the interview and feel free to leave thoughts, pushback, disagreements, elaborations, questions, etc.

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