Kloncke IRL: A Gathering


Hey folks, sorry for the signal loss! It’s been mad busy around here, partly because of the following little experiment I’m planning, with the help of some good friends. In short, for one afternoon I’m going to try to translate the blog “in real life” (IRL).

The only the IRL ‘blogger’ (or blogger-heavy) gatherings I’ve attended myself have been conferences. Media conferences; technology conferences; things like that. In this type of scene, bloggers from across the country (or among many countries) not only get to expound their theories before a live, half-listening-half-Tweeting audience, but can also lock screen-addled eyes with many writers theretofore befriended — or offended — exclusively online. I’ve seen drama erupt at these idea emporiums, but I’ve also witnessed cyberdenizens leap over tables to greet each other, practically converging midair in an embrace of mutual affection, admiration, and I-can’t-believe-it’s-really-you.

For my own shindig, though, I want to go in a different direction. Very chill, more like a housewarming or offbeat birthday party than a serious networking meet-and-greet. Although there are plenty of online writers and creators I’d love to meet in person someday (and many wonderful ones I’ve already had the fortune to know), most everyone invited to Kloncke IRL are people I’ve known offline for a while.  Here’s the email I sent out about it (well, a slightly less colorful version) to my local peeps. Faraway compas, I love you and wish you could be here! My address has been changed for this version because, well, I don’t want it circling around, you feel me? But I’m posting it here because I occasionally meet people in the Bay who’ve read Kloncke but don’t know me personally (yet). If that’s you, shoot me an email, and come on out next Saturday! Love to have you.

 dear amazing wonderful human friends. 

as most of you know, i make a blog called Kloncke.

i know you know about this blog because many of you have left rad, sweet, insightful, and sometimes hilarious comments there.

i appreciate this a whole lot.  i appreciate YOU a whole lot!

and so, as a small means of saying thanks for reading, sharing, linking, and just being your fabulous selves, i want to warmly e-vite you to a gathering in my home, In Real Life (IRL).

what can you expect at such an event?

live incarnates of the cyber version; including:

  • vegetarian and vegan homemade treats
  • photographs, available by donation
  • group meditation
  • a reading of my recent guest column in make/shift magazine, on buddhism, feminism, and resistance
  • a “blogroll” table featuring your political, artistic, and spiritual lit to share or display (bring some!)
  • the colorful walls of our apartment
  • chillin and building with other lovely folks

Kloncke IRL
Saturday, October 15th  

 3–5pm (Reading at 4pm) 
 555 33rd Street, Oakland 
* * *

this event will be free (of course!) but please bring your own mug or thermos (for tea) and, if you can, a cushion to sit on.  (we’ll also have a handful of chairs.)  unfortunately our apartment is up one flight of stairs with no elevator or ramp; please let me know if this will be a problem for you, and we can try to work something out.

also, please arrive scent-free so my peeps with Multiple Chemical Sensitivities can come and enjoy themselves without getting sick!

finally, Our place has limited space! Please RSVP so we can have a sense of numbers, and calculate how many walls to knock down. (j/k :)  feel free to RSVP-plus-one or two, but don’t roll through with a whole posse.  our kitten Eloise will be acting as bouncer, keeping careful track of the guest list.


thanks, love, take care, see you soon, be well, and call or e-mail me with any questions,

katie loncke

More to come this week online: the next Newsies post on how the courts are stacked against us, inspired by a frustrating but illuminating experience this morning before a judge. Stay tuned. :)

2 thoughts on “Kloncke IRL: A Gathering

  1. Roger Nehring October 5, 2011 / 6:28 pm

    Sounds great, too bad South Dakota is so far from San Francisco.

  2. JM October 5, 2011 / 8:05 pm

    sounds fun…and yummy :)

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