Chuckle of the Day

Ok, Jamie Foxx sometimes seems like an arrogant, misogynist asshole (have you ever listened to his XM radio station???), but this had me crackin’ up this morning.

And speaking of musical improv . . . last night Ryan and I went with a friend and our neighbor Ineva to Monday Night Karaoke at a little neighborhood bar down the street from our apartment.  None of us sang, but Good Lord some of those folks were talented, and talent or not, everyone was havin themselves a good time.  Mostly middle-aged Black folks.  Mostly Motown/R&B/soul, with Erykah and Jill Scott and the Temptations and Marvin all making appearances.  If you know me and my outdated musical tastes, you’ll appreciate the extent of my enthrallment.

4 thoughts on “Chuckle of the Day

  1. Laura August 28, 2011 / 6:00 pm

    Yup, sung this way this would get me warmed up.

  2. kloncke August 28, 2011 / 9:10 pm

    Lol Laura. I’m with ya girl!

    Hope you’re well over there! Power outages? Are you and your kids holding flashlights under your chins and telling spooky stories? :)

  3. Ryan August 30, 2011 / 9:58 am

    I think this mighta been in Oakland!

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