Spreading the Word

The following is from a friend and neighbor of mine. Not sure yet how the resistance and response (alongside healing) will unfold, but I wanted to, first and least of all, amplify their story.

Last night my friend and I were physically assaulted by the security guards at the Q-Bar.

They busted my shoulder and elbow. They damaged my iPod. They called us bitches and laughed at our faces after they slammed me to the ground and dragged me out of the bar.

I am 5’2″ and 115 lbs. The two male security guards were around 6′ tall and 200 lbs. I was sober, no one was drunk or wasted. We were not threatening and we were leaving the bar because the bartenders were calling us bitches and refusing to serve us. DURING DYKE MARCH OF ALL NIGHTS!

It started with my friend complaining to the bartenders about their bad attitude ie: calling us bitches, refusing to honor our free drink tickets from Frameline. The next thing I see is the bartender on the bar making motions to someone and then we were aggressively approached by security guards.

They assaulted my friend first, grabbing her by the shoulders and arms. She was screaming in terror and pain.
I was recording this on my iPod camera until it got to be too much and I intervened, trying to get them to let go of her and let us just walk out of the bar. We no longer wanted to be there and we did not need/or warrant a physical attack to get us to leave. There was no reason for them to put their hands on us to get us to leave the bar.

I splashed champagne in the face of my friend’s attacker and grabbed his arm because he was grabbing her by the neck area and she was screaming from pain/fear. Then I was attacked by two (possibly three) male security guards and thrown to the ground. After I was thrown to the ground I did fight back, but it was out of self defense and defense for my friend.

I am a very small person, two men twice my size did not need to throw me to the ground.

After they threw me down my iPod fell to the ground. I had been recording the assault, YES I HAVE A VIDEO OF THEM ASSAULTING MY FRIEND. After they dragged me out the the bar the security and the female owner/manager refused to let me or someone else grab my iPod. Instead the security laughed in my face saying ‘I got what I deserved.’

I wouldn’t be surprised if they didn’t want me to get back the camera I was using to record the attack.

After begging/bugging a cop long enough, I was able to get my iPod/camera back.

I took a picture of the security guard who threw me to the ground and he blew me a kiss. First he physically assaults me, then he sexually harasses me. Lovely.

SHAME on the Q-Bar and the staff for allowing this attack to happen. This is not how you make any place safe for anyone.


I want full accountability from the staff who participated (I know not every staff person was involved, it is not their fault this happened) and the female owner/manager who completely mistreated us and refused to listen to our side of the story.

The only person who had any ounce of concern or respect was the other bar owner, Tim Eicher. I thank him for his cooperation and assistance in this horrible incident.

The cops refused to take a police report of my assault until I wrote their badge numbers down and threatened to file a complaint. They were smirking and chuckling at me until this point. This is not how you treat someone who was assaulted.

This was really traumatizing physically and emotionally. I work with my hands/arms as a mechanic and I’m in a lot of pain and couldn’t go to work today because I cannot wrench with my right arm. My back muscles are a mess from being thrown to the ground. I couldn’t sleep on my right side at all last night.

I am not going to post the video until I talk to a legal adviser, but you may be seeing it soon.

You can support me by passing the word a long and helping me demand accountability from the Q-Bar for this violent attack.

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