Zine Week Day 5: The Art of Demonstration by Cultural Correspondence, 1985

Final zine, y'all! This one arrived to me in the mail as a gift (among many!), along with the usual scholarly correspondence, from my amazingly heartful, talented, and fly poet / professor / academic advisor / friend, Gale P. Jackson.

I love it because

  • Its content is both instructive and creative, showing “Techniques, materials, How to / Where to [of] Banners, Signs, Floats, theater, Music, songs, chants, puppets, etc.”
  • It was published in 1985, making it one year older than me
  • The illustrations and layout are incredible
  • Some content is time-specific and local, making it political propaganda as well as a DIY manual.

I’ll try to let this one speak for itself. With deep gratitude and appreciation to Gale! Hopefully some of the specific contents will infuse themselves into my organizing, and be reflected there.

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