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Otsu Night

May 2, 2011

ahhhhhhh bowl o' otsu

Ryan's perfectly pan-fried tofu

Ryan's lovely diced cucumbers

Celebrating our usable kitchen, now that the water’s back on in the building, Ryan and I busted out a batch of otsu. With practice, we’ve refined our skills: his tofu frying is money, I’ve learned not to toss the cucumbers in with the soba noodle salad (to keep them bright green: they turn a murky brown when coated with the red cayenne) and my ginger-lemon-cayenne-honey-sesame dressing is extra-fly these days thanks to improved emulsifying techniques. Grateful to keep cooking and learning.

¡Bon probecho!

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  1. Roger permalink
    May 2, 2011 4:45 pm

    Good lookin’ tofu! It ALL looks delish!

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