Good Goddard

Hey friends,

I don’t know if you remember, but I started going to art school.  Yeah, like a year ago.  I haven’t talked much about it, partly because I took a semester off in order to stay on at the Fools.  Now I’m back for my second residency in Vermont.  Residency is sort of a week-long, intensive, participatory, interdisciplinary art festival -slash- collaborative curriculum planning workshop.  It’s wonderful in all kinds of ways, for all kinds of reasons: including the absurdly beautiful setting.

I say “absurdly beautiful,” and I guess there really is this in-credible dimension, for me, being on campus — almost like being in a lucid dream. Running late for a secret book-making meeting earlier today, I decided to leave the plowed path and take a shortcut over a hill, to the front entrance of one of the little dorm buildings. Somehow I assumed that I would simply walk over the snow. Like it would mostly compress under my boots or something.

Instead, of course, I end up thigh high in powder (not saying much since my legs are short — but still). Do I stop and go back? No. Just kept sloshing through, like, Oh well, guess this is just part of walking in snowy places: stumble-hop-crashing around and getting all soaked in the legs.

My “snow-pas” (oh god, i know) happened to occur just outside the picture-window of the room where my friends were making books. I loved the jolly way they laughed.

2 thoughts on “Good Goddard

  1. Roger Nehring February 4, 2011 / 3:25 pm

    “I loved the jolly way they laughed.” That’s funny! So, you’ve never walked in deep snow before, eh?

  2. Mia February 10, 2011 / 1:31 pm

    Ooh, where are you exactly that you are making books? There’s not to many book arts studios/programs in the Northeast…

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