Colors, Coping

radishes from tonight's Faithful Fools catering gig (Feast Of Fools! Dope!)

Hey friends. Sorry I missed posting yesterday: still don’t have Internet in the new place, though that’s not really a good reason since there’s free WiFi aplenty in the local coffeeshops and library. Really, it’s just been a very very full week: family visit, getting our feet on the ground in the new place (Ryan and I cooked our very first non-cereal-and-soymilk breakfast this morning, using our one pot — a huge soup beast — to boil water for tea). And blessing the apartment, Thursday, with its very first meeting: the Marxist feminist group (now weekly), preparing for a gathering the following night with two other Marxist feminist groups: one other from the Bay Area, one from New York. Pretty powerful.

Anyway, my point is I’ve been feeling pretty un-grounded (oh, did I mention I went on hormonal birth control again? motivation all plummeting; emotionality all skyrocketing), and thus blogging has suffered. Apologies! Please accept these colors (you know how I am with the colors) as a token of my love.

painting our bedroom
intimations of a living room -slash- dining room. (kitchen's too small for a table.) if you click to enlarge you can see some cute details, like a shadowy bike in the left background, and the corner of my billie holiday poster in the left front

See you Monday!

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