My mama and me, sometime around a December 24th, judging by the object of my interest

No, I’m not referring to Baby Jesus.  It’s my mama’s birthday today!  All the holiday furor tends to obscure it, of course — horrifically, I’ve even forgotten about it myself, a year or two.  And whether it’s because her birthday has always been overshadowed, or she simply doesn’t put too much stock in it (chicken or egg?), December 24th tends to be a low-key affair for her.

Today, we spent a long, sweet afternoon painting pottery with Ryan at one of those places where you…paint pottery.  Can’t wait to show you those photos.  Ryan’s mug depicts a maritime scene with sea creatures conspiring against a battleship.

For now, here are a few assorted of my time in Sacramento: the birthday present I made my mom (a real old-fashioned analog photo album of my time in college. Super cheesy, but she loves that stuff); a dinner party with high school friends (starting with Richard’s gorgeous fried chicken, from a recipe in ad hoc at home); etc.

However you interact with it, I hope this weekend finds you well, healthy, safe, and happy.

Allie admiring Emily's golden owl, from Jillian

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