Kloncke Turns Two! A Retrospective

Photos from this morning's walk. In the last month or so, these koi have appeared on sidewalks all around my neighborhood. Thank you, whoever is responsible!

The official anniversary isn’t until the 9th, but tomorrow I’m leaving for 2 weeks in Nicaragua with the Faithful Fools (an annual trip they make to maintain relationship and community ties). Won’t be blogging from there, but thanks to the magic of technology, I’ll be able to ghost-post!

And what to publish?

What I had for breakfast: farm:table daily toast. Brandied cranberry compote with apples and a drizzle of condensed milk, on German rye.

Well, for a long time I’ve been wanting to add a “Best Of” section, so that folks visiting for the first time will have a sense of what this place is all about. Kloncke presents a very eclectic mix (much like the mind, heart, and life of a human), and someone accustomed to niche writing might feel overwhelmed or turned off at first, especially if they don’t know me personally and don’t give a hoot about what I ate for breakfast. (See right.) So an entry point might be helpful. Hence, a retrospective: beginning today, ending on the 16th, each post a candidate for inclusion in the new feature.


Looking back over the last two years offers some refreshing perspective for me, a reminder of the origins and evolution of this project. For instance: my photos at the beginning were blurry as hell! Hehe.

Seriously, though, in spite of the fact that it’s the traditional, political essays and longer pieces that have driven most of the traffic here, the foundations of the blog were explicitly a step away from my overly narrow fixation on politics as The Only Important Thing.

Honestly, the most gratifying, uplifting feedback I’ve received hasn’t been about solid analysis (although that’s lovely and appreciated, too). It’s been the friends who’ve told me that a video I made inspired them to call their grandparents.

Or that some photos I took changed the way they appreciated farmers’ markets, and the small picture-worthy subjects.

Or that a story I told, or an essay I quoted, helped them to reflect on their anger or approach unemployment with a “beginner’s mind.”

Political writings (inflected with dhamma) might be the biggest draw here, but the true basis of the project is much broader, less serious, and more honest.

A gown made out of condom wrappers, for a health benefit party

Even more important, I love thumbing through old posts to read the comment threads. Readers and commenters are what makes blogging so special to me as a form of writing. Less speech, more conversation. And given how terribly seldom I participate in comments on other folks’ blogs (a practice I hope to improve in the coming year! For an insightful essay on this lopsidedness phenomenon, check this post), I truly, truly appreciate every single comment that comes through Kloncke. Hearing from all of you is an unbelievable pleasure. So thanks!

Happy reading, friends. To kick us off, here’s the very first post, from 09 December 2008. What I find most interesting about it is my focus on embodiment. I was seriously psyched to be out of my headspace, and into my hands, hips, and feet! Thanks, old me. Excellent idea.

Let the kloncking recommence.

Here’s to writing and sharing online, in moderation.

And, for posterity, here’s an email I sent to a few friends, giving an idea of why I wanted to start this up. Yay!

dear wonderful, beautiful friends around the world, and especially those who knew me as a blogger in a former life,

hello! how are you? hope you’re doing great. i’ve probably seen or talked to you recently but if i haven’t, that’s most likely my bad and i will try to fix it! : )

this is just a note to let you know that i’ve started blogging again. (very, very gently blogging again.) and to invite you to come to the blog. and share on the blog. and holla at the blog.

as most of y’all know, after writing my senior thesis on feminist blogging, becoming burnt-out and disillusioned in the process, i have spent many months fleeing in the opposite direction of online activity. i am using my hands — cooking food, assembling art, fixing appliances, writing letters. i am using my body — dancing, meditating, biking, making face time, doing yoga, getting it on every once in a while. i work at a bookstore. thus, i now read real books and the occasional printed newspaper. since the summer, i have been thinking and learning a lot about community. soon, i will be going to spain, where i will think and learn more about community. i am making great strides at being happy wherever i’m at. in short, life is glorious.

so now that the backlash has subsided, i finally feel ready to re-incorporate blogging as a tool in a collective investigation into things that matter. (not all political — in fact, most not explicitly political at all, at least for the time being.) it won’t be a moneymaker, but it might be fun. and it’ll be especially groovy if you comment, and let me know if you have a website so i can link to it!

y’all are great. take care, be well, and hopefully i’ll see you soon!

big hugs,


; )

At Leland Tea Company, one of my favorite nearby spots

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