A New Hometown

Wednesday, my day off, I visited Sacramento and did two things I hadn’t done in 10 years.

1) Hung out in historically preserved/decorated/re-imagined Old Sacramento.

2) Went to the California State Fair.

I swear, the more time I spend in this city, the more I feel like a foreigner who just magically happens to know the streets and freeways well.

To slightly fictionalize an experience: a friend (and Buddhist) once told me about a conversation she had with a buddy of hers.  Her buddy said, “I could never spend the majority of my life with one partner.  I’d just get bored.”

To which my friend replied, “When you look very closely, you see that a person is always changing.  So staying with one person is like being with a thousand people — a new one every morning.”

Despite having spent my entire childhood living in the same place, I don’t have one hometown.  I have dozens.

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