Fresh Pennies For Sale, or: A Perfectly Foolish Morning

A little before 10 this morning I’m headed down the block to the donut shop to pick up our weekly Thursday dozen-and-a-half for interfaith Bible Study.  And on my way back, just a few doors down from home, I see a man sitting on the sidewalk, spreading pennies on the ground and dusting them with baby powder.

“Fresh, clean pennies!  One for a nickel!”

I couldn’t help but laugh.  Now who could pass up a deal like that?  So I ran inside, grabbed a nickel and my camera, and was treated to a long conversation with the salesman, a sweet guy and born storyteller who calls himself Hobo Joe.

Turns out we'd met on the block before and warmly recognized each other. Love when that happens.

And Bible Study was beautiful, too: all the familiar faces, laughing and singing and sharing from our various Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, pagan, and Unitarian Universalist perspectives.

For those who’ve recently tuned into Kloncke, I should explain that I both live and work at this community center/homeless outreach nonprofit/street ministry called Faithful Fools. So Thursday morning Interfaith Bible Study (which follows the morning meditation in our downstairs Street Zendo) is both work and home for me.

From left: Abby, Ra Mu, Gina, and Bobby

Don’t know what brought it on, but I felt especially lucky and honored to be here this morning.

JR and Charles causin trouble as usual
Two great artists, philosophers, theologians, and very cool cats.

One thought on “Fresh Pennies For Sale, or: A Perfectly Foolish Morning

  1. Abby July 15, 2010 / 11:37 pm

    It was a terrific bible study, Katey, and having you there sharing was a real treat, this is exactly what the fellowship is about. Look at all the diversity. But such Love and respect for each other. Great Pictures…..funny to see me deep in thought.

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