Dharma and Technology: Prelude To A Stat Dragon

Anushka's techno-meditation: trying to stay mindful while using our favorite devices.

It’s been a looooong work day, friends, and there’s no time to get into the articles I was hoping to cover today (1, 2), but I want to offer a little teaser for a post that’s been brewing in my head for quite a while, and which began to peck its way out of its shell this Saturday, during a daylong workshop at the East Bay Meditation Center.

The beautifully conducted workshop, led by Anushka Fernandopulle, focused on Dharma & Technology: how we can apply the insights of the historical Buddha to our relationships with gadgets in our modern lives.  I could go on about how dope the retreat was, including the fact that it, like all programming at EBMC, is offered on a dana (donation) basis.  And how the participants all had fascinating and diverse experiences, concerns, and celebrations with their techno-tools.  And how almost all of the participants were female-presenting women, which certainly surprised me.  And how it helped me change my relationship with Facebook.  All of that is so.

But one of the most exciting results, for me, was the final formation of this idea of mine for a project called Stat Dragons.  The project is about dharma, blogging, craving, contentment, art, and yes, dragons.  It involves talented illustrator friends of mine.  And its first installment will premiere this week on Kloncke.

Many thanks to Anushka and all the fabulous workshop participants and volunteers.  It was a wonderful environment in which to incubate my dragon egg.

2 thoughts on “Dharma and Technology: Prelude To A Stat Dragon

  1. Ari Pliskin April 13, 2010 / 10:45 am

    Sounds very interesting. You may be interested in submitting an article about the workshop and/or State Dragons to the next issue of the Bearing Witness Newsletter. It sill be about Socially Engaged Buddhism online. I think our readers would be interested in your voice.

  2. Maia June 17, 2010 / 2:00 pm

    So good to see a photo of Anushka! (We were colleagues back in our Buddhist Peace Fellowship days.) Sounds like this was a very wonderful retreat. Thanks for posting.

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