Trans Resistance, Bloggers’ Rights, and My Best Rainy-Day Soup

After the happy madness of last week (school deadlines, dog-sitting, asleep by midnight and up by 4 some mornings for work, the Fools’ annual fundraising dinner — which involved, among other delights, facepaint, paella, and what seemed like six hours of assembling empanaditas), I’m ready to welcome the relative calm and spaciousness of April.  Off to a great start yesterday, with the second gathering of a super-solid and heartwarming Marxist feminist study group, right up in the Fools’ Court.

Today, I’m re-anchoring myself with a few staples.

  • A leisurely morning with Ryan.
  • Reading. (Check this great article, “The Nonprofit Industrial Complex and Trans Resistance”  — thanks to Eva for the tip!)
  • Meditating.
  • Feasting on the veggie soup I made last night in a fit of domesticity following a week of no home cooking.
  • Maybe a little yoga.
  • And as a bonus, a lecture at Golden Gate Law School on bloggers’ rights.  (Which is especially neat since I got a sweet little reminder/invite from a couple of friends I made when teaming up with the law school’s ACLU club in the buildup organizing for SF March 4th.)

Nothing big; all good.

Hope your week’s off to a lovely start, too!

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