Friends, Meet Gina

Hey y’all! Hope you’ve been well. Guess I needed a break from blogging: with all the March 4th buildup, plus my first deadline for grad school, this month kinda sucker-punched me from the get-go, and I’ve spent the last week recovering. Though by “recovering” I guess I only mean redirecting the same volume of energy into different channels.

Marathon catering days to raise money for the Fools (bonus: we got to eat the wedding leftovers); quality time looking after an adorable but terribly nervous beagle mix named Buster (Horror No. 43: changes in atmospheric pressure); visiting with my pops and our family pooch, plus Ryan, at the world’s most picturesque dog park; plus every conceivable type of errand and meeting for Fools’ Court — from celebrating Sharon’s entry into a 12-month rehab program (run by nuns — which we take as an auspicious sign), to helping Ra Mu move the last of his earthly belongings out of storage; discussing domestic affairs as our household numbers swell from the standard two to sometimes 7 or 8.

Fool work remains totally fascinating and utterly provocative. There is always some edge to work. Some surprise to catch you off-guard, and make you think. Some nuisance, some awakening.  On International Women’s Day, a handful of us women find ourselves sitting in a circle, each attentive to her own reading.  A few moments later, Kat is coaching Gina in writing a letter to her son, given up at birth 25 years ago and recently found (at least we’re pretty sure it’s the right one) on Facebook.  Kat advises (1) that it’s important to give him the room to decide whether and how to respond, and (2) that the yellow legal pad paper looks too formal.  I scamper to my room and grab the bag of assorted stationery gifted to me for Chanukah.  Toothless, gracious, muscular from biking and sweet as can be, Gina selects a few Georgia O’Keeffe cards.  Sade’s new album, one of her jams these days, thrums, ticks, oohs and aahs on the stereo.  We all sip our tea.  I am happy to be here, with these women.

Reports from our free yoga class indicate she's a natural yogi. You can tell just by the smile, though, no?

One thought on “Friends, Meet Gina

  1. Roger Nehring March 12, 2010 / 5:11 pm

    Thanks for the update and the pictures. Gina looks like a fun person. And you have no snow, no slush and you’re wearing light jackets- oo I am envious!

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