Friends, Meet “Advance The Struggle”

Advance The Struggle: Bay Area Radical Perspectives

Last night was a night of dealing with domestic abuse.  (A friend of a friend.)  So today I’m tired and needing some solitude, reading, and yoga.  But I wanted to share real quick this inspiring website, Advance The Struggle, which my friend Ryan, from San Francisco, was kind enough to introduce to me here.

Click here for pamphlet
Click here for pamphlet

The blog focuses on marxist politics — analysis and praxis — in a thoughtful, energetic, well-balanced way.  And this pamphlet they produced (worth viewing as a PDF, if you can, for all the stunning artwork), is a great place to start: an insightful commentary on the radical organizing vacuum following the police murder of Oscar Grant back in January.  Follow it up with the response article by Bring The Ruckus, super useful, in my opinion, for adding the concept of “strategic and lasting” institutions, or “dual power.”  Selma James’ 1975 essay, “Sex, Race and Class,” reprinted in full, is another good read.  And of course, don’t forget to check out the comments on the posts — there’s fruitful discussion in there, too.

I’ll share my own thoughts and responses tomorrow, or when I’m feeling up to it.  Maybe link it to Glenn Greenwald’s must-read rundown of the CIA’s 2004 Inspector General Report, recently released, on the U.S. torture of suspected terrorists. Meantime, if you’re feeling what they’re saying on A/S, click and comment allá!

Take care, y’all.



One thought on “Friends, Meet “Advance The Struggle”

  1. Advance The Struggle August 27, 2009 / 2:31 pm

    thanx for reposting!

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