Unos Preguntas

Questions, questions!  A couple of questions.

(A)-number-one: Why so silent, friends?!  I know y’all are there.  I can smell ya.  (And y’all smellin’ good! ;) ) No, but I can see the numbers on the stat counter, you know?  There are many, many more of you than I would have anticipated.  Great!  I hope you’re enjoying the space and finding it useful.

But, folks.

Y’all are the lurkinging bunch of lurkers that ever lurked the earth!

Haha, really now — I know my parents are not the only ones reading this blog.  ;)  So let’s make it a conversation.  I want to hear what you think.  Responses, critiques, questions, reflections, celebrations, ruminations, stuff you’re working on that has a similar vibe.  Let me know!  Or just say hi.  I do so love hearing from you here. (And thanks again to the people who’ve sent such beautiful emails.)

(B)-number-two: What do y’all think of the Friendly User Guide?  Has it been helpful?  What are your thoughts on how to engage with online spaces in the healthiest possible ways — physically, psychologically?

(C)-number-three: I’m considering starting a twitter account.  To link to new posts on the blog when they go up.  Good idea?  Bad idea?  Is anyone else weirded out that they ask for the password to your email account?

Let a human being know.  :)

2 thoughts on “Unos Preguntas

  1. Lori Cohen July 3, 2009 / 1:51 am

    Fine, yes, I have been known to lurk…but not in a stalker sense–more like in a “what-is-Katie-up-to” sense. If you get this comment, I’ll be in Europe from July 23-Aug 9 (Belgium and England). If we can see one another, that would be lovely. If not, no worries. I’ll follow your twitter…if you decide to get one.

  2. kloncke July 3, 2009 / 9:04 am

    Haha, fair enough. I have no idea what’s the breakdown between people I know well and people I don’t. So friends and family just quickly checking in, I can understand.

    And now I have your current email address! I’ve been using the old hotmail or yahoo or whatever it was for years. Maybe the messages I send will actually reach you now. :) I’ll start with one about a Eurendezvous.

    Btw, I think it’s only fair that you start a blog, so that I can lurk/stalk/spy on you, too. Along with all your students — wouldn’t that be peachy? ;)

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