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Email 4, Part 5: Newly Armstrong/Watermelon Woman

June 24, 2009

From email update May 5th:


I’ve had a lot of different muscles in my life. Golf muscles, gym muscles, bharata natyam muscles, yoga muscles. So far, these volunteer muscles from the meditation center are my favorites. Stirring mammoth cake batters gives you serious triceps, folks.

And in other news of changing bodies, my head now looks like a watermelon. Not in a bad way, just in the sense that I have no hair, because a friend buzzed it off for me. The effect is somewhere between the Dalai Lama and Ani DiFranco. And it seems to have heightened the ethnic ambiguity. But it’s wonderful, tingly, and perfect for a pilgrimage (see “WALKIN’ “), where showers will be scarce and too much hair would prove a nuisance.


Well friends, that’s it for now! Wish me luck — at least half of what I wish for you.

Con amor y abrazos,


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  1. bohemiankitsch permalink
    June 25, 2009 2:05 am

    “…somewhere between the Dalai Lama and Ani DiFranco.”

    now that’s good company, if you ask me.


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