Hola, Verano

Oh, summer.  You complete me.  Know what I mean?

Late Saturday morning, after a heady visit to the weekly mercado, I walked into town and settled down in Nuria’s kitchen to riff on a Heidi Swanson recipe for one of my favorite salads.  Lime, olive oil and salt make a simple dressing for a spunky mix of peanuts, cilantro, chili, perfect baby tomatoes, and frisée (I swapped it in for the cabbage that’s called for — and smiled to think that I may not have curls on my head but I sure do have them in my greens).  Chopping up the chili — the first one I’ve diced since arriving in Spain — I think I almost passed out with happiness.

Why do I always forget how wonderful salads can be?  Earlier this week I conjured a great one up out of next to nothing: arugula, a nectarine, and some roasted hazlenuts that were hanging out in the pantry.  It’s like, as long as you’ve got some good olive oil and a lemon, you can create these magical odes to summertime…the simpler, the better.

Any ensaladas in particular got you celebrating the changing of the seasons?

One thought on “Hola, Verano

  1. noa June 22, 2009 / 2:59 pm

    youve just inspired me. summertime vegetables, my favorite dressings, and memories of hot humid summer days spent laughing shared with you.
    love! so happy to read about summertime happiness in spain. missing you!

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