Email 3, Part 5: Spanish Fashion

From email update March 30th:


If Barcelona is a harbinger of trends to come, get ready for the following:

something called “harem pants.” i don’t quite understand. i have seen one person who looked good in them, but she had that dancers’ carriage that can make anything look elegant. plus, she was working in the dhamma neru garden at the time, so mostly i just thought she looked very comfortable and practical, with lots of room to move.

for fans of the hipster rat tail, i give you: the dredlock hipster rat tail.

they are EVerywhere. well, it was only a matter of time.

Lots of these, too. Wear them and people will ask you directions.

One thought on “Email 3, Part 5: Spanish Fashion

  1. bohemiankitsch June 15, 2009 / 4:00 pm

    switch the letters around a bit in the word ‘harem’ and it almost spells the originator of the trend in the 80’s & 90’s: HAMMER PANTS! LOL!

    they were all the rage when MC Hammer wore those in his music videos. i used to own a few pair back then, and since they were far more comfortable than kung fu pants, i would wear them for training as well.

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