Marvels, Continued

WordPress is being wack about picture formatting, so here’s a separate post for non-inaugural marvels encountered since California.  (For those who check my facebook, sorry for the repetition!)


Junot’s Tribute

Junot Diaz Day
The City of Cambridge declared January 25th Junot Díaz Day.
Petey and me
Junot and me
junot times 2
you could say he's really blown up


Split Pea Soup

I add kale for texture and cherry tomatoes for flavor. Yum.

Basic recipe via vegetarian superstar Heidi Swanson.  Normally I like to use a little cumin and cayenne, but this time I was out of the former so I threw in a couple of bouillon cubes.  Rapunzel stock makes everything tastier, I swear.


Erin Present

erin present

So here’s the story. One day, in college, Erin and I were talking after a WGS class when she looked at my bare collarbone and said, “You need a necklace.” She then took off her own necklace and gave it to me. Wait, it gets better. She MADE this necklace, metalsmithing. Not only did she make it, but it’s actually the ‘negative’ of a beautiful ring that she cut and welded as a gift for someone. Erin present, very important. Now you know the story.


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