Friends, Meet Allie Peck.

allie-fairiePart of my self-designed blogging rehab involves reworking the aspects of it that used to wear on me, and turning them into avenues for action I can get down with.  F’rinstance: namedropping.

Like lots of other political bloggers, I used to drop names all over the place.  It helped increase legitimacy and it gave me more sources to cite (and links to embed).  Kind of like writing an academic paper.

These days, I don’t think that namedropping really does anybody much good.  At least not anybody who spends most of their time off the Internet, and doesn’t need or want to keep track of a mess of data from the New York Times and its media derivatives.  So instead, I’m trying something new: introductions.

trees-postcard 2008

A new environmental installation-based exhibit at L’KEG Gallery. Featuring fine art paintings and prints showcased vignette style within an encroaching forest installation, incorporating natural materials. Displaying work from up and coming Bay Area and Los Angeles artists:

Shannon Ingraham
Christine Monohan
Allie Peck
Jane G Pryor

The opening reception has a $5 donation fee, with wine, food, & music provided. Musical performances by Pastillas, Blue Jungle, PROTECT ME

trees-postcard1 2008

In my mind, introductions serve three marvelous functions.

  1. Celebrating the lives and work of people I love
  2. Connecting friends with similar interests among different places
  3. Letting me make lists to explain the functions of introductions

And so, my very first introduction to y’all is my best friend growing up, Allie Peck.  Allie is a tremendous artist living and working in L.A.  The postcards above publicize an upcoming event that’ll be featuring her work, which tends to revolve around political themes (the Iraq War, feminism, environmentalism) in addition to being technically extraordinary.  For those who’ve seen my various college bedrooms, the one art piece I have is a one-of-a-kind print of Allie’s:

allie print 1
allie print 2

So, friends, if you find yourself in L.A. and want to get linked up with a fabulous person in the movement-art world, think of this lady.  I’d be happy to put y’all in touch.  If you’re in La-la-land now, go see her stuff!  And check out her beautiful blog, newly added to the ‘roll.

Happy Birthday, my love!

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